Pool Opening and Pool Closing Programs

Pool Openings (Reserve your spot NOW for Spring Season Openings!)

  • Remove winter cover. 
  • Remove all winterizing components.
  • Install: Ladders, Handrails, Pool Accessories, Directional Units, and more
  • Connect Pump and Filter
  • Initial Shock Treatment 


Pool Closings 

  • Remove all pool components: Ladders, Handrails, Directional Units, and other items as needed
  • Filter Backwashed and drained
  • Water lines blown out
  • Winterizing Chemical Added
  • Pool Safe Non Toxic Anti-Freeze Added to skimmer
  • Winter Cover put in place


*Pricing varies and is subject to change due to: size of pool, equipment needed and any additional items requested by homeowner that are not part of listed items above procedures.